Accept Trainees at Kampo Medicine Class

漢方 Kampo medicine is a medical system that was imported from the mainland to Japan over 1500 years ago.

It is said that during the 平安時代 Heian period, the Imperial Court’s medical office taught theories and techniques related to 薬 medicine, 鍼 hari(acupuncture), 灸 kyu(moxibustion), 按摩 Anma, and 咒禁 jugon,jujutsu(incantation).

Since then, it has evolved with the times and continues to be practiced today in the forms of 漢方 Kampo medicine and 鍼灸 Shinkyu.

At 和氣香風 Kakikoufu,
香里 Kaori is responsible for teaching the theories and practices of Chinese medicine(TCM), Kampo medicine, and 薬膳 Yakuzen(medicinal cooking).

浩士 Hiroshi handles the theories and practices of Japanese Shinkyu(acupuncture and moxibustion), 経絡 Keiraku(meridian)and 経穴 keiketsu(or Tsubo=acupoints)theory, Eastern philosophy, 武術 martial arts, and 気功 Kiko(qigong).

One-Day Course

You can focus on one theme or condition to study.

90 minutes, 15,000 yen (excluding tax)

This is a course that even beginners can learn.
It is also recommended for travelers who want to experience this as a part of traditional Japanese culture.

薬膳茶 - YakuzenTea Lesson

Learn to make medical tea tailored to your body type and theory.

People who want to incorporate Kampo medicine methods into cafes or restaurants, integrate it into healthcare settings, or use it for daily health maintenance are welcome to attend.

ツボ.- Tsubo(Acupoint)and お灸 Okyu Lesson

Learn the theory of Tsubo and Keiraku(meridians), and how to use Okyu(moxa) on stands for selfcare.

Okyu is effective for daily health maintenance, improving chronic conditions, preventing colds and dementia, and post-surgical care. Modern science has increasingly recognized the effectiveness of moxibustion, leading to research in various medical and research institutions, confirming its medical benefits.

Time and content are negotiable.

Three-Session Course

A course where you attend three sessions within a month.

Each session is 90 minutes, 43,000 yen (excluding tax), paid in advance.

You can learn more in-depth Kampo medicine, Keiraku theory, and clinical applications compared to the one-day course.
This course is aimed at those who already have knowledge of traditional Kampo medicine, but beginners are also welcome to learn.

薬膳 Yakuzen and 漢方薬 Kampo medicine Lesson

Learn the basic theories of Kampo medicine, how to make medicinal drinks, and how to choose Kampo medicines available at drugstores.

We also provide advice as needed on devising herbal medicine menus for cafes and restaurants, as well as on how to utilize herbal medicine in medical institutions.

経絡 Keiraku(Meridian) and 経穴 Acupoint, お灸 Okyu Lesson

Learn the origins, classifications, and functions of meridians and acupoints, the basics of Kampo philosophy (陰陽 Yin-Yang or 八卦 the Eight Trigrams), and other moxibustion techniques besides moxa on stands.
We also teach traditional Japanese moxibustion techniques. These techniques are beneficial for enhancing immunity, regulating the autonomic nervous system, and utilizing nerve reflexes to improve chronic inflammatory conditions.

Time and content are negotiable.

Professional Course: A Course for Qualified Individuals and Students

This course is designed for those who have at least a minimal understanding of Kampo medicine theory or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory.

At Kakikokufu, current medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists, professionals already qualified in acupuncture and TCM, or students of these fields, come from various countries to learn Traditional Japanese medicine(TJM).

The course targets individuals who recognize Kampo medicine as a form of healthcare, acknowledging that regulations vary by country and region.

Kampo medicine and Shinkyu medicine are regulated by Japanese law, requiring various qualifications for handling. Therefore, it is necessary to understand their effectiveness and risks as medical treatments and to handle them with caution.
We aim to impart our knowledge and experience to those with a background in medical theory, law, and public health, or to students currently attending schools in these fields, so they can deepen their knowledge and skills and apply them in future clinical practice.

  • 10,000 yen per hour (excluding tax), with a minimum of 10 hours.
    10,000 yen per hour (excluding tax), with a minimum of 10 hours.
  • Each day's instruction consists of two 90-minute sessions (with a break in between).
    Each day's instruction consists of two 90-minute sessions (with a break in between).
  • Courses are held 2-3 times per week.
    Courses are held 2-3 times per week.

Duration and content are negotiable.

Study Abroad Opportunities

You can study with European organizations recognized and affiliated with Kakikofu.

Nippon Med


Nippon Med - japanese medical arts Poland Polish acupuncturist and physiotherapist

Focuses on Traditional Japanese Shinkyu medicine.

*Kampo medicine courses are not available.


Focuses on Shiatsu and manual therapy.
※ Acupuncture and Kampo medicine courses are not available.

内弟子 Uchi deshi

Live-in Apprenticeship Course

A course for those with a strong will to learn and practice continuously as a lifelong pursuit.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not something that can be easily understood or mastered in terms of theory and technique. It requires many years of diligent study and deepening through extensive clinical experience to gradually gain a deeper understanding.

This course is currently closed
for new applications.

Impressions and recommendations after training

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2024年2月に、和氣香風の短期研修のためカリフォルニアから来ていたジェシカ。 彼女は、作業療法士の仕事をしながら、アメリカでTCMの学校へ通い資格を取得。アメリカの鍼は痛いことが多いことと、薬膳の知識を取り入れたいとい

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漢方薬店と鍼灸院が一緒になった東京都自由が丘駅の鍼灸 スポーツ鍼院、漢方鍼灸 和氣香風