Kampo and Shinkyu Clinic Kakikofu


Kakikofu is a specialized clinic in traditional Kampo medicine that started in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo in 2017.
The clinic is managed by a husband and wife team.
Yamamoto Kaori is an expert in Kampo medicine(漢方and Yakuzen (薬膳) or traditional medicinal food therapy.Yamamoto Hiroshi is a specialist in Shinkyu (鍼灸) or acupuncture and Moxibustion, Seitai (整体 )which is a PNF like treatment, and physical exercises. They are able to address the various illnesses and injuries of their patients.

Kampo refers to the medical system of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, etc., which were imported to Japan from Korea and China between the 6th and 8th centuries. Since then, it has continually evolved to match Japan's climate, the constitution of the Japanese people, and the current times.

Around the 16th and 17th centuries, cutting-edge Chinese medicine from the Jin (金),Yuan ( 元 ), and Ming (明) dynasties began to be imported and widely studied in Japan. However, by the Edo period, it became apparent that these medical practices did not suit the Japanese environment and circumstances.
This led to a trend favoring older " Han" (漢) medicine, which is what "Kampo" (Han medicine) refers to.

Modern TCM is mainly based on Jin-Yuan medicine" ("金元医学 ) whereas Japanese Kampo is based on " Han medicine" (漢医学). During the Edo period, Kampo medicine from various periods merged with Western medicine (蘭方) from Portugal or the Netherlands. This formed the foundation of Japanese medicine, which continues until today.

In the same period, acupuncture also developed tools that suited the Japanese physique better. One such tool is "Kanshin/Kudabari (管鍼 ) which is a unique Japanese instrument. It is said that over 100 techniques were devised to use this tool during the late Edo period.

These techniques have been organized and are now used in modern acupuncture education. A characteristic of Kanshin is the use of a needle finer than a strand of hair, which is inserted into a tube. This process of Kanshin allows the needle's stimulation to penetrate deeply to treat diseases and symptoms while minimizing pain.

Kaori of Kakikofu has studied both Kampo and modern TCM and has over 20 years of clinical experience as an expert in Kampo medicine.

Hiroshi utilizes over 40 years of martial arts training to apply chiropractic techniques. He also employs traditional Japanese Kanshin acupuncture.

Furthermore, the couple practices Qigong and holds qualifications as Qigong instructors.

漢方薬店と鍼灸院が一緒になった東京都自由が丘駅の鍼灸 スポーツ鍼院、漢方鍼灸 和氣香風

Kakikofu welcomes not only Japanese clients but also many foreign tourists and expatriates. Visitors include those who fall ill during their travels, those wanting to improve chronic conditions, and those simply seeking to maintain their health.

Additionally, the clinic accepts foreign interns who wish to learn about traditional Japanese medicine and has taught numerous students. In particular, affiliated organizations in Poland and Italy invite Kakikofu to teach the theory and techniques of Chinese medicine.

Since you have come all the way to Japan, why not experience the rich tradition of Japanese medicine and the ancient methods of health preservation that have developed over 1000 years, for yourself?

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漢方薬店と鍼灸院が一緒になった東京都自由が丘駅の鍼灸 スポーツ鍼院、漢方鍼灸 和氣香風