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Oskar Olszewski founder of Nippon Med -japanese medical arts Poland
Polish acupuncturist and physiotherapist.

As most of the acupuncturists I was first trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. However since I was practising Aikido for 20 years, I wanted to explore the world of Japanese acupuncture. I couldn’t even imagine how game changing experience will it be… since I started training under Yamamoto Hiroshi Sensei efficiency of my acupuncture increased by more than 100%
My clinic became famous and I took advantage of being first to practise this style in Poland.

Now with Yamamoto Sensei as my technical director I lead first school of traditional Japanese acupuncture in Poland… this pioneer project takes a lot of work, but thanks to unique knowledge that Mr. Yamamoto is eager to share anything is possible.

For more information contact us via:

Nippon Med – japońskie sztuki medyczne
Sojowa 35a/1 street
81-589 Gdynia

We run courses and training about many elements of Japanese style like abdominal therapy, or basics of Japanese manual techniques as well as basic and advanced training of Japanese acupuncture.

漢方薬店と鍼灸院が一緒になった東京都自由が丘駅の鍼灸 スポーツ鍼院、漢方鍼灸 和氣香風