Kampo and Shinkyu Clinic Kakikofu

Kakikofu is a traditional Chinese medicine clinic specializing in Kampo, Wakanyaku (Japanese herbal medicine) and Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.

The Kakikofu style combines traditional medicine from both China and Japan; having the approach of applying ancient Chinese wisdom with the pragmatic Japanese spirit, our aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of people from all over the world.

Kakikofu specializes in Wakanyaku, which is a little known and rare form of traditional Japanese herbal medicine. The origins of Wakanyaku are deeply connected to the esoteric and mystical sect of Japanese Buddhism, Shugendo. Additionally, the Japanese Ninja utilized and adapted Wakanyaku to create their own unique medicines that we include as part of our treatments.

We have a wide range of Japanese herbal medicine products available at our clinic which can be prepared in response to your individual health condition. We also offer acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. Our acupuncture and moxibustion treatments are based on traditional Chinese medical knowledge but performed with unique techniques that were developed in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1867). We always use thin, high quality and disposable acupuncture needles so that you receive the safest and most comfortable experience possible.

Kakikofu's approach to SDGs

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About Wakanyaku

Wakanyaku is traditional Japanese herbal medicine that uses medicinal herbs from Japan.

Kakikofu Accept Trainees

Kakikofu also recently started accepting overseas trainees from
Shinkyu(acupuncture and moxibustion) or Kampo(herbal medicine). 

Please see here for details.

Intern student activity report


2024年2月に、和氣香風の短期研修のためカリフォルニアから来ていたジェシカ。 彼女は、作業療法士の仕事をしながら、アメリカでTCMの学校へ通い資格を取得。アメリカの鍼は痛いことが多いことと、薬膳の知識を取り入れたいとい

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Our Practitioiners

Yamamoto Kaori


Kaori studied Kampo medicine from Beijing Medical University Japan and had an extended apprenticeship with doctors of Chinese medicine in Tokyo.


Kaori has over 13 years’ clinical experience as a herbalist and throughout this time has been a senior lecturer for one of the largest Japanese herbal medicine companies in Japan, Kusuri Nihondo.

Yamamoto Hiroshi


Hiroshi is a nationally accredited and licensed acupuncturist and moxibustion practitioner whose style is based around the techniques of Edo period Shogun court physicians including Ishizaka, Sugiyama and Isai styles.

Hiroshi has been studying the martial arts (Jujutsu, Bojutsu, Iai, hidden Karate, Chinese kung fu and many more) for over 30 years. In his 20’s he worked as a stunt man and for the popular television show Power Rangers in Japan. Hiroshi also practices, Buddhist medicine, trains in zazen (Zen meditation techniques), participates in waterfall training and also continues to explore advanced acupuncture techniques with his masters. He teaches these rare and often secretive techniques of medicine and the martial arts in seminars all over the world.

Treatment Menu

  • Herbal medicine consultation 6000 yen
  • Formulated Kampo
    herbal medicine
    600-800 yen (per day)
  • Wakanyaku herbal medicine 1000 yen - 4000 yen

    (per box – includes from 40 days dosage)

  • Shinkyu
    (acupuncture and
    moxibustion treatment)
    8000 yen

    (¥2000 discount when you buy
    Kampo medicine for 30days or more)

  • Private martial arts lesson 5000 yen (1 hour)
  • Oneday seminar
    (Acupuncture or Kampo
    for Professional
    10000 yen (1 hour)

Regular holiday

 Monday ,Thursday,Friday

Customer's Voice


The clinic is located in Jiyugaoka which is easily connected by train to both Shibuya (10 minutes) and Yokohama (20 minutes). When coming by train, exit the main front ticket gates and turn right. Continue straight down this street for around 7 minutes and you will find the clinic on the right side of the street just after some traffic lights and a ‘T’ intersection. Kumano shrine is not far from here too!

Wakanyaku is traditional Japanese herbal medicine that uses medicinal herbs from Japan.

The Daranisukegan is a tradition that “En no gyojya “made and spread it about 1300 years ago.
Wakanyaku includes ‘Ninjutsu-gan’. Ninjutsu-gan was once a secret medicine developed by the Koga ninja.

In the 14th century, a merchant (Kamonnosuke Mozu) in Osaka learn how to make medicine from Chinese doctor.

It is transmitted to Okayama prefecture. After that it was handed down to Toyama prefecture, and it became the”Hangontan” by adding its own prescription.
It means that it is so effective that it revives the dead.

This medicine spreads throughout the country, mainly in Toyama, and is especially useful for samurai.